Stephen Curtain

nature communications, guiding adventure, education outdoors consultant

Antarctic and climate research, science & education films

Antarctica and its link with the Southern Ocean and Gondwanan Tasmania captivates a global audience to inspire climate and polar research, science and education.

Collaboratively, I seek to empower researchers, scientists and educationalists to share their story on camera:

  • by showcasing the positive, powerful elements of your story
  • with broadcast film production 'on and off the ice'
  • with environmental science and naturalist knowledge
  • as a one-stop, cost-effective production team, right down to the final edit
  • supported by remote-nature, field safety, on-location and logistics expertise
  • guided with polar-travel, alpine survival, avalanche-trained and Zodiac driving experience

Learn how to tell your own story on-camera with my one-day digital story-telling workshops for professionals:

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