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Outdoor professional developments

'Skill up' in a range of outdoor activities. As a practised Outdoor Recreation trainer and assessor, AIARE avalanche-trained operator, SSI Swiftwater operator, wilderness medic, APSI ski instructor, backcountry ski guide in Japan and polar guide, I can assist staff who wish to (re)learn skills in the following:

  • Skiing
  • Snow-shelters building and/or snow-camping
  • Flat-water canoeing
  • Bushwalking
  • Rafting
  • Rock climbing wall

Choose your focus from the following:

  • Risk management strategies
  • Gear preparation
  • Hard skill development
  • Weather interpretation
  • Environmental knowledge
  • Logistics

Duration: one day+
  • Date and location: as required
  • Cost per PD: $330/day/person. GST does not apply. (Paypal or invoice)
  • Numbers: 2 participants min, 4 participants max per PD.
  • Transport, catering, gear hire, accommodation and other costs may be extra.
Please phone Stephen Curtain on 0468 489 771 or email for any questions.

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