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NATURE communications

Digital story-telling workshop for professionals

Learn how to tell stories well and powerfully by Stephen Curtain.

Move beyond point-and-shoot to polish your story with easy-to-learn, professional production pointers:

  • Plan, shoot, edit
  • Story-boarding, preparation, logistics and safety
  • Capture 'the moment'
  • Editing and exporting

'It was the most enjoyable workshop I have ever done and the best group of people to do it with!'

Rae Kwong, Invertebrate Sciences, Biosciences Research Division, AgriBio.

Duration: 9am – 5pm. Numbers: Up to 10 participants.

Pre-requisites: Little or no experience. Supply your own camera and laptop.

Dates and location: as required. Access to 2 x digital projectors required please.

Cost: $395/person. GST does not apply (Paypal or invoice)

AgriBio workshop
Staff from Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources at Agriculture Victoria's film-making workshop, June 2016, La Trobe University, Bundoora. Photo: Stephen Curtain collection.

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