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Ski guiding Japan

It's the mystique and charm of Japan in the northern island of Hokkaido that is one of the Earth's best natural snow-making 'factories'.Cold Arctic air funnels southward from Russia's Siberia across the Sea of Japan—becomes saturated with moisture—and delivers the coldest, driest white stuff around.

Andrew Walker in Furano, Japan. Photo: Stephen Curtain

Stephen Curtain 'working' in Asahidake, Japan. Photo: Felix Lai

Add exquisite eating, unmatched friendliness and an onsen and life is good. Maintaining a healthy respect for local culture and ski etiquette—especially backcountry—will get you far and the locals will radiate good karma for it. See Alpine Backcountry Guides at for more.

Ski guiding Australia

Back home in Australia, the skiing spirit continues with backcountry travel, nordic and telemark lessons and ski guide courses. Access terrain safely such as in 'Winter Dreaming', a backcountry documentary produced by Stephen Curtain at

Stephen Curtain exploring south of Mt Kosciuzko. Photo: Ralph Gailis

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