Stephen Curtain

Nature film production, guiding and education outdoors consultant

Digital story-telling workshop for professionals

Learn how to make a story well and powerfully even with an iPhone, by Stephen Curtain.

Move beyond point-and-shoot to polish your story with easy-to-learn, professional production pointers:

  • Plan, shoot, edit
  • Story-boarding, preparation, logistics and safety
  • Capture 'the moment'
  • Editing and exporting

'It was the most enjoyable workshop I have ever done and the best group of people to do it with!'

unknownRae Kwong, Invertebrate Sciences, Biosciences Research Division, AgriBio.

  • Duration: 9am – 5pm. Numbers: Up to 10 participants.
  • Pre-requisites: Little or no experience. Supply your own camera and laptop.
  • Dates and location: as required. Access to 2 x digital projectors required please.
  • Cost: $395/person. GST does not apply (Paypal or invoice)

An alpine story. Stephen Curtain (background) together with Dr Samantha Grover (seated, foreground) and Dr Ewen Silvester investigate alpine peatlands in the Australian Alps that contribute between 30–70% of the flow in the Murray River. Photo: Shane Grundy.

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