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'Winter Dreaming' film

‘Really excellent cinematography.’
Tim Macartney-Snape, member of first Australian climb of Mount Everest in 1984, twice Everest summiteer and film-maker

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‘Winter Dreaming’ captures the essence and characters of backcountry skiing—fluid, boundless and enticing—as magical snow-storms grace a timeless, snowy canvas. ‘Winter Dreaming’ unveils stories and an ephemeral beauty told through backcountry skiing of a landscape rarely seen or understood by the international audience—let alone by most Australians. Just as spring thaws winter’s mantle, ‘Winter Dreaming’ will leave you with a series of beautiful, graceful moments gently imbued on one’s mind, long after the winter snow has disappeared.

As an educational resource, ‘Winter Dreaming’ on DVD promotes:

▪ Natural values of the Australian Alps
  • Backcountry skiing
  • Keep Winter Cool (visit
  • Climate change awareness
  • Snowcamping and snow survival
  • Alpine Ecology
  • Minimal Impact principles
  • Connection to wildness – staying active
  • Care for the Alps: Leave No Trace
As an educational resource, ‘Winter Dreaming’ on DVD is specifically suitable for use by:

▪ Primary and Secondary school students, especially Outdoor and Environmental Studies
  • Australian Alps National Park agencies and relevant Government departments
  • Tertiary students studying Outdoor Education, Outdoor Recreation, Parks & Heritage, Adventure Ecotourism, Sport & Recreation
  • Alpine ski resorts supporting sustainability
  • Backcountry and resort ski enthusiasts

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